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Meeting a wolf on hole three…

golf wolf

Ok, so it wasn’t quite like this, but our reaction to seeing an enormous wolf 125 yards from our golf cart wasn’t nearly as smooth, organized or as cool as when we saw a black bear (see that here). The elk and deer are back in town for the fall season and with them follow the larger predators. A young elk nearly side swiped one of our carts as we enjoyed a morning on the Stanley Thompson golf course. A moment later I looked to my right and saw a beautiful male wolf circling around us. At first the sheer awesomeness of it took me aback and I immediately reached for my iPhone to talk a snap. It was only after I realized it was looking for that elk calf and now potentially was sizing us up as a meal that I got worried. Amidst some screaming and panicky back and forths in the golf carts, we did get our act together. There is lots of literature out there for what to do when one encounters elk or bear but precious little about wolves (probably due to the fact that it is incredibly rare to get close to one). What follows then is our field tested advice on what to do when meeting a wolf on hole three: Immediately get together. Make lots of noise. Get into your golf carts and drive side by side AWAY from the wolf. Brandish a three wood if convenient.

Oh, and by popular request, here’s the photo:


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Why I Put My Wife’s Career First

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.27.41 AM

I came across this great article through @Dave_McGinn.  It’s an article written by Andrew Moravcsik, a professor at Princeton University, for The Atlantic. You can read the full story here: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/10/why-i-put-my-wifes-career-first/403240/

It’s an excellent and honest account of being the “lead” parent and the effects it has on relationships, one’s career and the idea of being a man. There are plenty of parallels in my own life and reading it reminded me of a cartoon I did ages ago before The Art of Dad was conceived – you can see it below. Enjoy!


A good start to the day

fruity kiss

And yes, I do realize how lucky I am to still get the kiss at school drop-off….

The New Family

The New Family

Please check out a fantastic website called The New Family, created by Brandie Weikle, that examines and celebrates modern family life. The Art of Dad has just become a part of the 1000 Families project, an awesome story initiative that shares stories about all the different ways we create our families. You can see my story here.

If you’re interested in contributing your story, please contact Brandie at: families@thenewfamily.com

Back to School Thoughts – Part 3

lot of suing

School supplies ain’t what they used to be. Better stick with it though in order to get that law degree…