My Story


I’m a dad.

I live in Canmore, Alberta Canada with my wife, two kids and yellow lab who are the inspiration for my sketching.

I love storytelling through sketches, animation, video games, illustration, film, television and books and I’ve been lucky enough to tell stories in all of these mediums over my career.

The cartoons you see on this site are stories, told with pictures and words, that reflect the humour and pain of being a parent. I hope you like them.

You can contact me at:

You can also find me at:


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. HI Jason,
    A friend at work forwarded your web site to me and I LOVE IT! It is the one and only blog that I have ever even thought of checking in on. Totally hilarious from a parent’s point of view. Not sure which are my favourites, but there are many.
    I have often thought that if you don’t find humour in the events of the day with children, the madness might send you to hospital… sometimes it is easier said than done, and I really appreciate the laughs of your images.
    Thanks very much for the inspiration & reminder to not take ourselves or them too seriously.
    All the best to you & your family,
    Kathy Patterson

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments – I truly appreciate them and am so glad you are finding some humour in the realities of parenthood! (It’s comforting to know we’re not alone in the madness!) Please share the link with anyone you think might enjoy it. Have a super night.

  2. Hey,

    I’m a single dad of two girls 7 and 9. Almost every single sketch was like looking into a mirror! I think we have the exact same kids. Very funny stuff. I’ll keep checking back for more funny stuff.

    Oldest daughter forgot her hat today and apperantly it’s my fault because I rushed her out the house!?


    • Hi Steve, thanks for your note! Ahhh the blame game – gotta love it. On the site there should be a “follow” button – if you want, by clicking on that you’ll get an email notice everytime a new cartoon is posted. I’m glad you enjoy the drawings and thanks again for the kind comments.

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