Animal Portrait #3 – CHARLIZE


Charlize sat just long enough before the distracting red squirrel was just too much.

3 thoughts on “Animal Portrait #3 – CHARLIZE

  1. MIster Art of Dad Keep up this animal portrait production and I can see a whole line of ‘t’ shirts in the making. probably will sell better out west than in Toronto. Unless of course you start creating the racoon clan ‘T’s


    PMA Landscape Architects Ltd. 359 Keele St.Toronto, ON, M6P 2K6 t. 416-239-9818 ext. 222 | f. 416-239-1310 | c. 416 709 6672 |

    • Ha! A racoon line sounds excellent (with Jamie kitted out in fatigues and military grade weapons in the background!). The plan is one a day if I can (or at least during the week… we’ll see!).

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