Getting to know the neighbours…

griz visit

I walk Indy at least 3 times a day. I’m pretty lucky because I can walk out from my backyard into a marvellous network of trails. We’ve had a bumper crop of buffalo berries this year thanks to a mild winter and lots of rain this spring and summer. Lots of berries means lots of bears and today we came across our first grizzly. Grizzlies have been making a name for themselves locally over the last month, chasing cyclists in the nordic trails and generally being pretty ornery. Fair game. They need this time to eat as much as possible to prepare for the winter so I don’t judge their temper. Indy saw the bear first, hackles up, growling. The bear saw us, Indy barked, and it ran. Away from us (thankfully). The heart beat definitely quickened but I stayed cool, brought out my bear spray and walked away and back home as fast as I could. This is one neighbour you don’t want to get on the wrong side of!

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