Lest we Forget.


1 thought on “Lest we Forget.

  1. Very good and thoughtful , Jase . We attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Legion this morning . The opening , prior to the 11 o’clock moments of silence was timely and spine tingling …. . Flanders Fields , recited over the sound system , by Leonard Cohen ……. a moment to remember . Our landscapers finished yesterday by laying the sod and winterizing all the new shrubs . The other day they curbed the driveway and compacted the gravel so another stage is completed . The Corian top for the laundry room comes Monday so that completes that job . We are expecting the beds for the basement room along with some bedroom side tables , duvet cover , headboard covering etc. I painted the front door inside yesterday . Marilyn and Ken MacDonald came early today and picked up the sand coloured sofa from our old living room . They can use it at their cottage . We are ready for some quiet time so I’ve got the fireplace going and the new TV at the ready . From some of your previous Arts of Dad I know you guys are busy busy as well . Don’t be busting a gut for Christmas . You and the fam will be going here and there and we are just going ” there” . We look forward to time with you, Les ,Ellie and Ben ( Gramma’s baking partner ) , and eventually Sarah , Matt and boys . Say hi to everybody . See you guys in a few weeks . Love to all , Ralph / dxd / Gramps

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