Yesterday, while driving…

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  1. Jason, do beautiful work! Love your style! Being the total process hound that I am, I would love for you to share your process in creating these little gems! I love to read about what type of pens, pencils, paper
    and software people use to create their works.

    Your paper looks to be a gray color,..or is that the way it is scanned in? It looks like you are using a marker pen or maybe even a pencil and having it tweaked (contrast adjusted) in Photoshop. Whatever you are doing it is resulting in a wonderful look!

    Being a father also,..I can relate to many of these illustrations.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! My process is pretty simple really. I use micron pens, size 03, 02 and 01 for the hatchings. I often just draw straight onto the page though I’ll also do a loose pencil sketch to help me with the composition before inking if it’s more complicated. I’m currently drawing in a moleskin but I don’t like the yellowness of the page so when i scan the drawing in I autotone to get a whiter colour. I used to draw in a sketch book made by “hand book” which I like better and think I’l move back to. It’s all about capturing the moment (as a father you can appreciate this!). I would love to know, how did you come across my sketches? Thanks again for your interest!

    • Jason,..

      I discovered you just while randomly listening to a podcast called, “Guys with Pencils”.
      I’m a cartoonist/graphic designer and a big fan of 2D animation too. At 48,….I’m filled with regret that I didn’t pursuit my dreams at becoming an animator and truly envy those youngsters (I’m 48) that have succeeded in doing so. I missed the boat on that one I guess, but it’s fun to see others doing well in 2D animation.

      I’m a huge fan of simplistic design and love organic styles as well.

      To me,…as much as I certainly appreciate the big theatrical productions, there is something so appealing to my senses when I see black and white line art illustrations, cartoons and animation.

      When time allows, I occasionally interview some folks in all facets of cartooning, and have compiled them together here to share with anyone who cares to listen. They are found here:

      Thanks for sharing your techniques….I love to read about how others are getting it done.
      I would love to see your style translated into a comic book or a 2D animated series. It begs to be seen like that.

      I agree with sticking with handmade papers…..I have not had much success with the Moleskins, but then again,…that’s just me.


      • Hi Todd,
        Wow! What a line-up of artists you have interviewed – can’t wait to dig through these! Al Jaffee was always one of my favourites! These days as artists we need to be able to do lots of stuff – movement, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices, is more and more common place. I’m learning flash so that I can employ my animation chops to my line work – we’ll see where it goes. I’d love to do a comic book or series – any thoughts on what kind of narrative you’d like to see?! Thanks again for your comments. If ok with you I’m going to send out a tweet about your interview site… jason

      • Thanks….yeah…tweet away! I have a couple more interviews I’m working on too, but again,…it’s only something I do when time permits. I’ve been kicking around some ideas for a comic book series myself, but I haven’t been able to sit my butt down at my art desk to really dig deep into fleshing out what I think will work vs. what I think wouldn’t. Home ownership is “highly” overrated! There seems to be a myriad of crap to do around the house…and of course they all take time and costs tons of money.

        When I look at your toons,…I gravitate toward a comic book series or animated series that comes from a different angle than what can be seen in many strips today.
        Maybe something that comes from the eyes of one of the kids….I was thinking of something once that had a young boy (around 5 or 6) and how he kind of narrated the story. “Raising Pop” or “Raising Dad” or “My Dad by Design” were titles that came to mind. You see the dad a lot,..but only through the eyes of this over imaginative boy. One day the dad could have horns and a pitchfork as he orders the boy to pick up his toys….another day the dad could be portrayed as a big old log as the boy tries to get his attention on a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon….etc and etc…..
        I don’t know,….maybe that sounds dumb….but anyway…..keep up the great work.

      • Love the idea! And totally hear you on the over-rated bits of home ownership. I’ll see what I can’t focus on moving forward in an effort to make something! What is your email Todd (or website) for future contact. Be well.

  3. I can be reached at:
    Please keep me posted. I’m always interested in hearing what others are doing. Also let me know how your Flash and/or ToonBoom training is going. I may try to learn them myself, just not sure that I’m smart enough to grasp it.

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