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I designed and illustrated a wonderful book that my friend Karyn Stowe wrote called “The Kids’ Guide to Mommy’s Breast Cancer”. Karyn has been very busy on the media circuit as of late and today the Toronto Star has a superb article about Karyn’s story. Just click on the image to link to the story. I’ve also included links on how to purchase the book through Chapters-Indigo or Amazon!



And if you’re interested in buying the book, you can do so through Chapters-Indigo at:

Or at Amazon:


1 thought on “Toronto Star – Kids’ Guide

  1. Glad to see some action on the book. Not mention of you though. We had Deirdre and Nigel over for supper. I meet them at their flat with a few helpful hints, the work in progress is going very well. Deirdre kept going till nine o’clock, she looks so much better i think it might be the flat. Off to help maggie to morrow at the shop. How is the floor now! Hope it is great. Cheers Love to all Pops xxx

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