Why I Put My Wife’s Career First

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I came across this great article through @Dave_McGinn.  It’s an article written by Andrew Moravcsik, a professor at Princeton University, for The Atlantic. You can read the full story here: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/10/why-i-put-my-wifes-career-first/403240/

It’s an excellent and honest account of being the “lead” parent and the effects it has on relationships, one’s career and the idea of being a man. There are plenty of parallels in my own life and reading it reminded me of a cartoon I did ages ago before The Art of Dad was conceived – you can see it below. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Why I Put My Wife’s Career First

  1. Hi son. Just saw your art of dad and I read the article. So much like your life. I think Ellie and Ben have the very best and fantastic stay at home dad. I hope the realize how lucky they are. Love Pops

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  2. Everyday I struggle with my identity.
    Being a “full-time” dad is often replied to with a cautious “good for you”, “nice work if you can get it” or just blank stares.
    Being the son of a definitely alpha, dominant, Sergeant-Major I often feel that I should be working as men do. This pressure has not come from my wife, friends, or family (the Sergeant-Major included) but from my own interpretation of what society requires of us. When I think about that phrase “what society requires of us” or “who we should be” I am embarrassed at my own lack of confidence. Why don’t I stand up to myself? I have been trying to interpret the unconscious opinions of the millions in the society that we live in. For some people I have interpreted correctly;of course, for most, I haven’t.

    Thanks to both Andrew Moravcsik and Jason for being the part of my newly realized Fraternity of Full-Time Dads

    • Well said and brave of you to admit Darren. Society is funny sometimes with its expectations but there is real value in being the lead parent, in being a dad. Good on you and embrace the identity you have because there isn’t a more important one.

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