Small gestures

small gesture

I found this in my sketchbook yesterday half finished. After re-reading it and checking it against the sketches before and after I figure I wrote this at the end of November. Life obviously got so busy I forgot to post it. The message is still relevant though, even if things are quite as manic at the moment. All I have to do is wait a few days and there’s a good chance I’ll be right back there…


2 thoughts on “Small gestures

  1. Very cool! I just wrote about a similar thing the other day when my son and I had a moment amidst the repetition on every day life. These are the things that make parenting so great.

    • Hey Chris. Thanks for your note. I’ve just checked out your site and it’s great! I signed up for your mailing list and just followed you on twitter so I look forward to more of your stories!

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