Indoor stair climbing championships and send your pic challenge!

indoor stair climbing

My mom had an expression: “Never go upstairs empty handed”. This also included downstairs, outside, inside, into the garage… you get the point. Family living means things get left, placed, intentionally situated, all over the house. How long they remain in that spot is directly proportionate to your family’s adherence to the “never go anywhere empty handed” protocol. In my house, adherence is spotty at best. My tactic has been to place items that need to be taken to people’s rooms, the bathroom and linen closet, in the middle of the stairs that lead up to those rooms. Despite going up and down countless times these items can remain fixed on the stairs for days. Clearly I need to change tactics. If there is a world championship for indoor stair climbing my team would be in the final round.

If your home is also nurturing future stair climbing champs, send me a pic of your stairs full of stuff and I’ll pick one to draw an Art of Dad original!

4 thoughts on “Indoor stair climbing championships and send your pic challenge!

  1. Laughing out loud, again! Very same in my house! The looking back and checking it out after one has passed is another crazy maker. “Oh, look at what I just went past. Looks like it might be mine. I wonder why it’s there! And who put it there?!”

    Youzdabest at capturing this !!!

  2. Our house evolved with stair debris ready to be moved and post it notes naming the offender. Still goes unclaimed. Of course your status grew as your name post-its multiplied.

    I always worried about liability when someone trips on the stair debris and initiates litigation against a family member!

    • Internal family litigation is always the touchiest, agreed. Could this be applied to the bathroom where health and safety might get involved? I applaud the offender naming though it seems the growth of status only exacerbated the issue. Thanks for sharing!

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