Happy HO HO’s

For 41 years I’ve been designing my family holiday card. It first started with my drawing an image, my dad photocopying it and all four of us sitting around the kitchen table with a different coloured marker, colouring our section in. The image created was meant to capture the spirit of the season. Over time it grew into something that embraced the season as well as the feeling of the year, and then grew further into incorporating my kids and dog into the image. I struggled with this year’s visual but ultimately felt a nod to the realities rooted in the holidays was the best way to go. It will also be an archival piece with a story attached to it years from now. I hope you enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Happy HO HO’s

  1. Merry Christmas to you, Leslie, Ellie and Ben! I always love to see your posts to see how you are all doing. Thanks for including us. Stay safe and stay well. Shelagh

    • Thanks Shelagh. Nice to hear from you. We’re all pretty well here in the mountains, looking forward to skiing and enjoying the outdoors. Big hugs to all in your family!

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