3 thoughts on “The Heart is a Marvellous thing

  1. Hi Jason. Think of your family often. Have been reading and following Art of Dad since you left TO. Where is Ellie (2972km away)? How is Ben? What is he thinking to do after high school? Jaden is in 2nd Year at Queens Engineering. Jordan wants to be an actor! Is Leslie still doing tours in Banff and Alaska?

    Be well. Juli Belliveau (Baker) “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, [they] find it attached to the rest of the world.”– John Muir


    • Hey Juli. Thanks for your note! Ellie is at Queen’s and loving it. I think she’s seen Jaden around. We’re still in Canmore AB. Ben is also looking at Queen’s (he says if it’s good enuf for the rest of us it is for him too!). Les is still the CEO at Banff Lake Louise Tourism and I have my own business working with companies and leaders teaching strategic storytelling and doing art gigs when they come my way. Hope all well with you!

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