I wanted to tell you….


4 thoughts on “I wanted to tell you….

  1. This one made me tear up! I think this one is a fave…wow- cant believe 2nd gen is at camp…so many wonderful memories and friends for life. Hope she has a blast!

    • I know crazy isn’t it! We were talking about you and Les and how you became friends on our drive to the bus. She’s so excited, I’m missing her already, and it is very cool to have the 2nd generation in play. She has Les’ old sweatshirt and one of Sarah’s camp t-shirts! Hope you’re all well. Thanks for the note!

  2. OH this made me cry a lot and at work:) Thank you for this it’s exactly what I want to say to my daughter as she leaves for camp this Saturday. I can’t remember what camp Leslie attended – where is your daughter going? I am now worried a bit because she’s not going on the bus…. Thanks again!

    • Hey Colleen – thanks for your note (sorry about the tears in the office!). It’s a big deal (probably for us more than them!). Hope you are well.

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