You’ve done this, I know you’ve done this…

crazy talkin'

1 thought on “You’ve done this, I know you’ve done this…

  1. Boy you are having an exciting time of it lately. We are staying down the coast at a place called Melaque where four of J and M friends are staying in their trailer homes. The only trouble it rained for two days but we managed to have a fun time. Is nice today for Joanna’s birthday. We had a dinner on the road last night what a hoot. We are going to a fabulous eating place to night. First we are hosting a champas, wine and dip on the balcony before we go out. The sea rolls in and it is a good sound but does not keep us awake. We are right on the beach. We leave to go home tomorrow 7-8 hours driving. Try and eat and drink a little less. People are coming . Love to you all and keep your hand out of the dogs mouth. Pops

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