One month settled in and some thoughts to go with it….

The transition from city life to mountain life has at times been a little… rocky. We’re getting there though and it certainly provides good fodder for storytelling. The following sketches chronicle a few of the experiences we’ve been having. Enjoy.



why so good

quiet moment

holy crap



massive crows

(I’ve since realized these are probably ravens but they’re still friggin’ massive…)

altitude run

coyote spot

(The coyotes here are extremely healthy, due in large part to the fact that they have an abundance of bunny rabbits on which to dine.)

ski pole stab

(I saw my actions and comments as supportive and encouraging in an effort to get him through a tough run. He evidently saw it differently.)


(On another run when I rounded the corner and came across these three beauties. The literature advises you to stop, hold your position or to back away. I let them cross and then continued on. Apparently they’re docile now. Spring and fall they turn into right buggers.)

10 thoughts on “One month settled in and some thoughts to go with it….

  1. Yay! We have been anxiously awaiting you to surface! Can’t wait to see you….thinking of you and super happy that you ARE here in the west! (xo J, S & M in Calgary)

  2. What??? I wondered why I hadn’t seen you around… I guess I should take you off the Runnymede list serve!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time! Is this forever? Or a temporary thing?

    Jacqueline Sent from my iPhone

    • Yes, we’ve moved! Big transition and a big deal but we’re settling in. No fixed timeline but after the effort to get out here we’re hoping it will be for a while. Please look me up if you’re ever out this way and keep in touch via
      Be well!

  3. Hi everyone Hope you are on the hills soon in the nice frigate weather. We are glad most things are going well. Joanna understands how Ellie feels as the same happened to her so she wishes her well. We are still having super weather, picnics and walking on the sandy beaches. Just a wonderful art of dad for the first month. Miss you all. Watched England bear wales last night, they put on a great second half after looking a bit slow in the first. The last week as usual gone too fast.

    Love to all. Pops. Xx

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Hi all.

    Hope all is going well. We have been so lucky with the weather just one day of rain. Winding down. Peri peri chicken and a wood fire tonight. Will ring with all the news when I get home.

    Love. Pops

    Sent from my iPad


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