A walk in the park…

bear walk

A brilliant walk at Stanley Glacier was punctuated with a unique crossing not 15 feet in front of us. I’m pleased to say no one panicked, the dog was on the leash and the big brute wasn’t interested in us. A walk in the park takes on a whole different meaning…

Walking under bears

underablackbearWhat is it with me and the wildlife here?

Chased by an angry bull elk

elk run

What is it with me and animals around here in the early morning? And this after narrowly missing coming across a grizzly bear on a trail (another runner hollered at me to not go any further down a path). Yeesh.

Bear 122 is out and about!

The “Boss”, Bear 122 was picked up on a remote camera a few days ago. It’s officially bear season! For a bit of info on the Boss, check out: http://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/legendary-grizzly-the-boss-first-banff-bear-to-emerge-from-den-in-2015-1.2290695

bear 122

A morning encounter with one of the locals