Baby hobbits

Dear Ron,

Good grief. It’s getting close to go time. I’ll do my best to send along some other notes from the Art of Dad archives 12 years ago on baby facts that you might not be aware, of like the one below. Do not be alarmed if your newborn looks like a hobbit – it won’t last. There is a reason all baby related marketing photos are taken of kids well past the first few months of life.

I do hope you’re banking your sleep for you’ll have little of it soon.

Thinking of you,


hair today

(from the archives 12 years past)

Tricky Business



I tried capturing a bit of the process behind this drawing using the new Vine app. Have a look:


And yet, he won’t eat most vegetables…


Halloween lesson learned…


Hairy Dairy

Her frustration prevented me from using this as a “teachable moment” with regards to proper table manners.

The long walk home

Two kids with two very different reactions to a haircut.

Proud papa