Grave Wrongdoings and a fine dessert


Grave wrongdoings can often be mended with some flour, sugar and butter.


Not the answer he was looking for…

I always enjoy a pithy bit of conversation at the breakfast table.


First day homework. Mine. Not theirs.


I swear I spend more time filling out school forms than I ever did filling out college applications. What gives?

Different reactions to the first day of school…

I literally saw this while dropping my own kids off at school this morning.


I think things change as your kids get older. My recollections of dropping my kids when they were first starting grade school was quite different as evidenced in this post from 2011…


Send a shout out and let us know how your first day back at school was!

How did your kids spend their last day of summer?


I thought this was a brilliant way to spend the last day of summer and I fully supported it. I knew there was no way they’d complete #5 but given the permission to try can be worth more than actually accomplishing it.

How did your kids spend their last day of summer?


camp bags

Any parent whose kid has gone to overnight camp can relate to this. Thanks very much Camp Ponacka and Camp Tanamakoon…