Getting euchred

Get euchred

Re-invigorating this game into our lives is proving good fun amongst teens and parents alike if more for the commentary than the actual card play.

Be well.

Happy Father’s Day

dad day 2019.jpg

To all the dad’s out there who, like mine, make themselves available to play, listen and love while providing a rock solid foundation for adventure and exploration – thank you. Happy Father’s Day.

Harmony and Balance

work vs play

Evening dog walks are a great time for wisdom….



(From a week or so ago… been busy!)

Wrestle hugs


Like puppies in the snow

Maybe it’s due to the complete lack of white stuff in the city, cause when we’re up north, it’s like they’re dogs happily rolling in a dead fish on the beach.

Morning anguish

The morning walk to school in a snowfall really does bring out the best in all of us.

Leaf battle

Thanksgiving weekend with the cousins.

How’d I get those?