Hi Diddle-Dee, it’s an ACTOR’S life for me!


Dreams and harsh reality all within a minute or two…

Lest we Forget.



Or you could just take off your mitts to do up your zipper…


I can relate to that idea of getting warm when frustration builds and I’m guessing lots of other people can as well. Mindfulness and equanimity messaging is everywhere. It’s clear we need strategies to help us deal with situations that bring anxiety like being stuck in traffic or dealing with an obstinate co-worker.

Just because kids can’t drive or have to deal with bosses doesn’t mean they’re immune to frustration (as any parent on the planet will attest). Their problems may seem small to us but they are just as relevant to their day-to-day living. While I might point out that putting on one’s mitts AFTER one does up one’s jacket zipper would be a useful way to avoid a repeated frustration, that observation, in my household, would only serve to further ratchet up the heat.


The Bed Stylist


It’s comments like this that you want to remember, especially when they’re driving you crazy later on in the day.

How’s your life?


The other night as we were settling into bed my wife asked me, “How’s your life?”.  It was a fair question as we’ve both been running to keep up with our jobs, our kids and all the activities that go on between a family of four. It feels like we hardly ever see each other. I drew us smiling but I think the humour was tinged with a dose of frustration as time continues to march on at an alarming rate. September is always insane with back to school realities, fall sport and extra-curriculars starting up and generally trying to shake off the rust of summer. But this year October has stormed past us with the same break neck speed that September typically does. As I look ahead to this month, every single weekend is already booked. Most days of the week are filled. My iCal looks like a Lite Brite picture…

In the sage words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I stopped for a moment to do so, but I fell asleep. I’ll keep trying.

The Candy Trade seems to be amping up year over year…


I’ve come to realize that at a certain age Halloween trick or treating is less about consumption and all about acquisition. The sheer volume gets larger and the resulting trading gets more intense. On the upside, career options are expanding.

An idea of this year’s haul…