Hold back a glass, just for me.

brita jug

Cigarettes and boiled eggs…


cigarette list

I’m more anxious about the upcoming procedure than Indy is…


Shield your eyes

Just found this one that I’d forgotten about from our Mexico trip.



After nearly three months in the mountains, and with the prospects of a two week march break (two, not one!) ahead of us, we booked a last minute get away to a spot near Playa Del Carmen (http://www.occidentalhotels.com/resort/occidental-grand-xcaret) to get some R&R and re-group as a family. It was a beauty and I managed to snag a bit of time to sketch and paint in between swims, snorkels, tennis, mojitos….

Our landing was a wee rough and felt a lot like this:


We asked for a non-smoking room and got one. However, the vent connecting us with our neighbours negated that upon arrival.

room 19209

Saw this jolly sole every day at one of the bars on the swings and just had to draw him.


Resorts like the one we went to are forever bringing animals around to have your photo with. We never forked out the ransom to buy one so I painted them instead.


Scuba in the pool was way fun, despite not actually having an octopus present.


Quintuple pancake and nutella sandwich for breakfast? Yes please. Every morning…

(Our family is rather into the chocolate-ly goodness):  https://artofdad.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/an-open-letter-to-nutella/


Pretty much every day I was the Red Hulk battling Hulk and Black Widow in the pool. It was awesome cuz it felt like what you see below. (#redhulk)


It’s true. I ate a ton of avocado.


When we’re in new places our family sometimes pretends to speak another language, to keep others guessing about the exotic location we come from. It’s pure gibberish and we’ve nicknamed it “Gravy Talk” but when you keep it up for a bit, add in some laughter at just the right moment and shake your head in a “ummm-hmmm-i-know-just-what-you-mean” kind of way, it’s pretty convincing. And yes, I know we’re weird.