Happy Father’s day! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!

Congrats to our contest winner Kristina, her husband Matt and their daughter Charlie! For  all the love they’ve been showing The Art of Dad comes a customized illustration about one of their family stories (and it’s a beauty – see below). Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

hooker dress

Siri – Equally fun for 9 and 76 year olds…



Bob! the Slob


A friend of mine is the creative genius behind  Bob! the Slob, a new animated production on Teletoon. Here’s a quick synopsis about the show:
Bob! the Slob is a boy’s boy who lives the life!  Bob! bends the rules, chills with his crew… and when necessary he defeats super villains using his OMG super sick gross-out powers. In their very first animated adventure, Fears of the Clown, Bob! and his best buds, Jonas and Elijah, face off against Carnivorous Clown, a killer clown released from a cursed comic book. Can Bob! and his best gal pal Elijah stop fighting over the  comic long enough to stop Carnivorous Clown from devouring Jonas alive? Um…not really.  It’s all about letting kids just be kids.

Please check it out on Youtube at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r8hQob6qIc or on Teletoon’s website  http://www.teletoon.com/en/tv/bob-the-slob

The Teletoon link is really fun and allows kids to vote to make Bob gross, grosser or OMG – that’s totally sick.  Perfect for your eight year old (or your inner eight year old).

Who says the movies aren’t real life?

explosions and deathAn actual conversation, damn near word for word…

Enter The Art of Dad father’s day contest and win a customized illustration about one of YOUR family’s stories!

I’ve had a number of emails and comments from people over the years asking for prints of The Art of Dad so I thought I’d try something different for the upcoming Father’s Day. I’ve put together a contest through rafflecopter.com that will track Facebook likes, comments, tweets and follows, each worth one point. For one week the contest tracker will tally the points and on June 19th we’ll have a winner! I’ll contact the winner who will share with me an idea they have for a cartoon and I’ll draw a special illustration customized to the winner’s family. The cartoon will be featured on theartofdad.com on Father’s day and I’ll send the winner the original artwork! We’ll see how it goes!

Please share this with your friends and we’ll see what kind of response we get! Any questions, please email me at: artofdad@gmail.com

To enter the contest, click on the following link:http://gvwy.io/vn4j8tb


Just so-so…

so so

Heroic Girls – Part 2

heroic Last week I posted a sketch that was inspired by John Marcotte’s website, Heroic Girls. John has kindly give “The Art of Dad” a shout out on his site and I invite you to have a look at the great work he’s doing if you haven’t seen it already! Thanks John, keep it up!

Getting old…


getting old

The pains of puberty and school forms

This form came home from school and, being an art kind of guy, I was immediately hit by the accompanying illustration. Stock art. Generic. Meaningless. Creepy.


If I was a kid, not only would the content of the form freak me out, so would the picture. Why a family? Why are they all swimming? Why are they all smiling except the little girl? Nope, no good. So, I came up with three better ideas that I’d love to see accompany a future form. Check them out: