After school pick-me-up

If there is a better feeling I want to know about it…

Homework brain cramp

Tragically, neither can I.




Love the new word and it would be true if he ate all kinds of meat without complaint…. which he doesn’t.

Playground expletives

One protects and one exploits…

Hairy Dairy

Her frustration prevented me from using this as a “teachable moment” with regards to proper table manners.

While watching “The Princess Bride”

I learn something new every day…

41 and skinny jeans

Seriously broke a sweat trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

The many ways to say I love you…

By whatever yardstick you may use to measure – happy valentine’s day.

Hot Chocolate to Stay, Please

Comme ci comme ca

Which is his french for “I’m not going to eat them”.