Animal Portrait #7 – ANNE and DON

Anne and Don

Anne and Don were damn near impossible to keep still all head bobbing and strut-strutting about like grouse are want to do, but in the end it was all good.

Animal Portrait #6 – BILL


Bill isn’t the braggadocious type but I think that little hint of a smile proves that he knows his horns are impressive.

Animal Portrait #5 – GORGEOUS GEORGE


He absolutely insisted that I call him “Gorgeous” George and then proceeded to fidget incessantly throughout the entire painting. Such is the way of the western ground squirrel I suppose….


Animal Portrait #4 – CORI with her cubs CATE and CARL


Cori had to keep her eye on the ever shifting and moving Cate but Carl sat looking at me transfixed for the entire time.

Animal Portrait #3 – CHARLIZE


Charlize sat just long enough before the distracting red squirrel was just too much.

Animal Portrait #2 – DUNCAN


Duncan was a little cheeky during his sitting, feeling pretty good about his velvety antlers.

Animal Portrait #1 – GARY


I’ve decided to become a portrait artist for the wild beasts of the Canadian Rockies. May I present to you, Gary.