Animal Portrait #11 – DENNIS


Ahhhhhh Dennis. With those large soulful eyes, the full pouty lips and your magnificent dewlap you just had to be captured in a portrait painting. Now get back out there and eat up that 60 pounds of plants a day you need to keep feeling and looking your best.

Animal Portrait #10 – SALLY


Bears have a reputation for being fearsome brutes who will attack without provocation and eat everything in your cooler. While Sally says the latter part of that is true (though she can’t speak for Grizzly Bears whose temper she just can’t relate to), her preference should you meet on a trail, would be to roll over for a belly rub rather than having to maul you into a blubbery mess. Why thank you Sally.

Animal Portrait #9 – SHERMAN


Despite what you might have heard about mountain goats and sure footing, Sherman here maintains he’s one of the clumsiest ungulates you’re ever likely to come across in the great Canadian Rockies. I suspect that explains the bent horn…

Animal Portrait #8 – JIM


I know what you’re thinking. A snail? Well, Jim may look small but as a permanent resident of Banff National Park, he is found nowhere else on the entire planet! That makes ‘ole Jim a real BIG deal.

In fact, Jim made the national and international headlines just last year for hosting a party in his native hot springs. Check out the stories here. Keep on givin’er Jim!


Animal Portrait #7 – ANNE and DON

Anne and Don

Anne and Don were damn near impossible to keep still all head bobbing and strut-strutting about like grouse are want to do, but in the end it was all good.

Animal Portrait #6 – BILL


Bill isn’t the braggadocious type but I think that little hint of a smile proves that he knows his horns are impressive.

Animal Portrait #5 – GORGEOUS GEORGE


He absolutely insisted that I call him “Gorgeous” George and then proceeded to fidget incessantly throughout the entire painting. Such is the way of the western ground squirrel I suppose….


Animal Portrait #4 – CORI with her cubs CATE and CARL


Cori had to keep her eye on the ever shifting and moving Cate but Carl sat looking at me transfixed for the entire time.

Animal Portrait #3 – CHARLIZE


Charlize sat just long enough before the distracting red squirrel was just too much.

Animal Portrait #2 – DUNCAN


Duncan was a little cheeky during his sitting, feeling pretty good about his velvety antlers.