The Candy Trade seems to be amping up year over year…


I’ve come to realize that at a certain age Halloween trick or treating is less about consumption and all about acquisition. The sheer volume gets larger and the resulting trading gets more intense. On the upside, career options are expanding.

An idea of this year’s haul…



Grave Wrongdoings and a fine dessert


Grave wrongdoings can often be mended with some flour, sugar and butter.


Not the answer he was looking for…

I always enjoy a pithy bit of conversation at the breakfast table.


Worst house guest ever.

indy dinner

Dogs. Sigh.

You know the end of school can’t come soon enough when…

boring breakfast

It’s fair to say three kinds of breakfast cereal, homemade granola, toast, bagels and fruit won’t ever compete with a noisy mess hall and a never ending parade of french toast, pancakes and cinnamon buns. Thanks a lot Camp Ponacka.

Upside down pizza – try it!

upside down pizza

Our taste buds are on our tongue right? So this actually makes sense… in a 10 year old do things different kind of way. Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see and that’s one of the beauties of having kids – they observe and appreciate things in a way we adults just seem to miss.

When you just know your day is going to be great.

perfect toast

These moments can be few and far between so when they do pop up ya gotta savour them.