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I’ve worked for nearly 20 years in the animation industry and Canada is a global leader in kids programming. Two rock solid creatives (and friends of mine!), James Nadler and Rich Duhaney are behind a new animated production called “Bob the Slob”. It’s a show targeted at kids aged 7-11 but parents will enjoy watching it too! Mayhem may ensue and lessons may be learned but you’re guaranteed to see the warmth of the characters come through. Please check it out at: TOON GOGGLES



Hi Diddle-Dee, it’s an ACTOR’S life for me!


Dreams and harsh reality all within a minute or two…

Bob! the Slob


A friend of mine is the creative genius behind  Bob! the Slob, a new animated production on Teletoon. Here’s a quick synopsis about the show:
Bob! the Slob is a boy’s boy who lives the life!  Bob! bends the rules, chills with his crew… and when necessary he defeats super villains using his OMG super sick gross-out powers. In their very first animated adventure, Fears of the Clown, Bob! and his best buds, Jonas and Elijah, face off against Carnivorous Clown, a killer clown released from a cursed comic book. Can Bob! and his best gal pal Elijah stop fighting over the  comic long enough to stop Carnivorous Clown from devouring Jonas alive? Um…not really.  It’s all about letting kids just be kids.

Please check it out on Youtube at or on Teletoon’s website

The Teletoon link is really fun and allows kids to vote to make Bob gross, grosser or OMG – that’s totally sick.  Perfect for your eight year old (or your inner eight year old).

The Stanley Dynamic

I’m super pumped about today’s season premiere of YTV’s “The Stanley Dynamic”, a show I’ve been working on for the better part of a year! As the lead designer and comic strip artist I feel like I know Luke and his family as deeply as my own. Please check the show out, today, Thursday March 19th at 7:30pm ET/PT (8:30 MT) on YTV!

Follow the show and look for a weekly comic strip each Sunday (by yours truly) at:

And check out some of the great online games  available at Hope you enjoy!

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