Ta Da and hello!


Yes, it’s a bit late for the final tooth to come out, and these days it seems like all milestones are synonymous with new expenditures.

Just Press Pause


Press Pause

Be Nice.

be nice

It’s Pink Shirt Day and as a father who has struggled with seeing my kids suffer from the negative effects of bullying I’d like all of us to just, be nice.


Bob the Slob – A new animated show!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.26.27 PM

I’ve worked for nearly 20 years in the animation industry and Canada is a global leader in kids programming. Two rock solid creatives (and friends of mine!), James Nadler and Rich Duhaney are behind a new animated production called “Bob the Slob”. It’s a show targeted at kids aged 7-11 but parents will enjoy watching it too! Mayhem may ensue and lessons may be learned but you’re guaranteed to see the warmth of the characters come through. Please check it out at: TOON GOGGLES



Happy Monday! (Screw you Wednesday).


On the drive to early morning basketball practice we reflected on the days of the week and the unfair treatment Monday seems to get.

The vitriol for Wednesday was unexpected.

Big Bones


If you give it time after dinner just as you’re finishing clean-up, and you’re open to it, marvellous conversations can be had. Logic doesn’t always apply in these cases. Just go with it.

Sink plants

sink plant

How gross does a sink have to be that a plant grows out of it? How does a seedling even find it’s way in there? From a mouth, right? Do I immediately throw out all our chia, hemp and pumpkin seeds? HOW MUST ONE PARENT IN THIS SITUATION??!!!

Ok. Right. Just do a better job of cleaning.

Got it.