What we say and what we think…


rip it

Classic parenting


We work so hard to make them confident and independent people and then they go and show that’s what they want to be and I immediately want to time travel back to when she used to hold out her arms and say “Up-y up-y” cause she really needed me. Classic.

Parent logic

parent logic

Another quality dinner time discussion yields more insight into the mind of a kid…

The “W” is gone…

tween no more

I now have only teenagers in my house… how does the time go by so quickly? And where is all the food in my fridge, and my car keys, and…

How Young Are You?

old and young

Another thought provoking dinner time conversation…

Ohhhhh… that’s what you meant.



Harmony and Balance

work vs play

Evening dog walks are a great time for wisdom….