Magical Moment – LOL

magical moment

Another dinnertime gem. It was clear that he felt really good about being a part of his Principal’s moment of the day, but the idea that he’d actually sing in front of people and read a book for pleasure, well that was too much for the 12 year old brain to compute.

Old fashioned English


Couldn’t help it. Left my wife all alone while I burst out laughing…

A future archivist he is not…

hard work.jpg


A two week spring break brings a whole new perspective to things…


I’m not sure what he’s watching to be so up on the rigours of “juvey” (juvenile detention), but he seems pretty damn sure he’s got the comparison nailed.

Going back to school after the break is tough.


Imagine you’ve just had two weeks off, spent time with friends and family, didn’t have to worry about rushing out in the morning or having to pack a lunch and your knapsack, played outside without a care in the world, watched too much TV, played too many video games and ate too much junk. Then, with the Christmas break over, you’ve got to go back to school and all the routines come flooding back. It probably is hard not to feel a little bleak about your future when rules and routines are the order of the day. I get it.

What I thought and what I said…

everything worse

Homework thoughts – Part 2


poem suck